On March 6 Coinbase announced the Coinbase Index combined with the Coinbase Index Fund, these two new instruments bring the matured crypto-ecosystem  closer to the traditional financial world than ever before.


What is the Coinbase Index and Fund?

Similar to a regular stock index, the Coinbase Index combines every crypto-asset on Gdax (Coinbase’s underlying exchange) and tracks the combined performance. The Coinbase Index fund allows retail investors to get exposure in the crypto world while not having to put in the work of researching individual coins, opening a new market of passive investing in crypto using traditional financial market tools.

Why this is important

As cryptocurrency gains more recognition and legitimacy an index is very important. Traditional markets run on indexes, because of this they are very respected and are seen as indicators of a healthy, mature and reasonably safe market; one that both retail investors and hedge funds are increasingly interested in.


The Coinbase Index shows investors all over the world crypto is here to stay, and ready to mature.
It will increase public image and decrease scam warnings thus increasing interest and investments.


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Source: https://blog.coinbase.com/announcing-coinbase-index-fund-3925fbf548db