In this piece we’ll talk about District0x, its strenghts and its features.

District0x’s (DNT) goal is to create a platform to power a new generation of decentralized Ubers and Airbnb’s.

This might seem way too big and out of reach for some people and we’ll talk about that when discussing the negatives later.

It is important for a project to have small goals that can easily succeed but also have huge goals that don’t seem as likely but those are actually crucial from separating a small project and a potential big one.

With District0x for example relatively small goals like Name Bazaar, which is a marketplace of ENS ethereum domain names, compared to the real world is very small although it is actually pretty useful in the  crypto-ecosystem with the potential to become the standard once ENS domain adoption has really picked up.

Now for the big goals, Uber and Airbnb alone have a combined valuation of $100B. Imagine District0x reaching this level of adoption, is it likely? No. Is it possible? Yes.

But most importantly, its key to the succes of a project to shoot big and land somewhere in the middle

The Good

  • Relatively low marketcap at 59 million USD which gives room to lots of growth
  • The project has gained significant community support and cooperation from Aragon, Status, and others.
  • Their current district, Ethlance, already has active users within the Ethereum community.
  • Aragon (DAO management) cooperating
  • Active team with weekly updates
  • Transparency of funds
  • Consistent stream of new community district proposals

The Bad

  • The project is complex and because of that requires a significant amount of work and community coordination to succeed.
  • The strongest projects and teams may self-select to build their Dapps independently of the district0x network, especially if the cost and time savings of using district0x’s framework is not significant, resulting in lower than expected network growth.
  • Tackling an extremely large market without much marketing effort.
  • Limited use of actual DNT token

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