Have you ever sent a small transaction of a few cents to a bank account for verification? That is very similar to how Hydro’s Raindrop enables private systems to use a public blockchain with a randomized challenge that needs to be solved on the blockchain to access private systems, because of this it can be used in conjunction with private security protocols and more. 

Hydro is a product in development by Hydrogen, it consists of multiple products of which one is finished, Raindrop. Raindrop is the product making a random challenge on the blockchain possible for accessing private systems. This also means the public can see who accesses a private system, making sure private system breaches can not be covered up.

Raindrop is supposed to be use in conjunction with existing private security protocols, this would mean that to access the system you would need to get through both the private security system and the Raindrop challenge. If the Raindrop fails, access is denied. If the private authentication fails, access is denied. Effectively creating multiple layers of security against hackers trying to access private systems. This would especially be useful for companies handling sensitive information such as Equifax.

To incentivize third party development using Raindrop, they airdropped their token HYDRO to over 12,000 developers. They did not conduct an ICO and at time of writing don’t plan to, the token is used for Raindrop and will be integrated into future projects of Hydro

Instead of companies making their own private blockchain security solutions, which costs them a lot of money and time, they can just use Hydro Raindrop for a lot less. The reason Blockchain protocols in business have not been been used a lot is that these companies already have a fast and scalable infrastructure that they don’t want to overhaul just for Blockchain. Hydro Raindrop works as a supplement side to side with their existing infrastructure. This makes adoption quite easy as it is standardized and easy to implement.


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