Blockchain, explained in this article, is very promising and all around the world people are seeing it as the next big innovation. What lacks though are actual examples and usecases aside from just theory. Here are three huge industries that can benefit from Blockchain Technology.

  1. Identification

Identification is a perfect usecase for blockchain technology, not being to alter information on the blockchain and maintaining a transparent and standardized system are the biggest advantages. For the user you can control personal data and what you give to companies (Civic) and for issuers there is more trust between institutions and users as well as reducing time. Prominent blockchain identification projects include Civic, Sovrin and IBM.

       2. Healthcare

Let’s face it, virtually everyone hates going to the doctor and feels like healthcare could be better. Blockchain can help with some of those problems. The most important is probably keeping health records secure and private, this is similar to Identifaction. Blockchain can also help against counterfeiting drugs through tracking of legitimate drugs.

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     3. Transport

The transportation business is huge and ever growing. We have seen numerous so called ‘’supply chain’’ cryptoprojects which include VEN, Walton, Ambrosus, TE-FOOD and more. Blockchain can help this industry with speed, transparency, counterfeit products and trackability.


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